Source Code Review

Source Code Review which is also known as Security Code Review or Static Code Analysis is the process of auditing the source code of an application to identify security vulnerabilities. The assessment ensures whether or not all necessary controls are in place (filtering of input data, range checks, data type checks, encryption, etc) and, that they work as intended. It is a way of ensuring that the application developed is secure and self-defending in the given environment. Further, source code review is the best way of identifying those vulnerabilities that may have gone undetected during the process of application security testing or penetration testing. Secure code review services help you identify and fix these security vulnerabilities in your application at the development stage. Source code review can be seen as a good investment of your time and resources for fixing basic flaws at the source when still at a development stage. This goes a long way in preventing security threats and damage in the future.

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    Our Approach to Source Code Review

    Automated Code Review
    Automated Code Review

    Our analytic team inspects and reviews source code to detect commonly known programming bugs using tools and scripts for quick and efficient analysis.

    Standard Code Review
    Standard Code Review

    We augment tool-assisted scans with a manual review of the underlying software architecture not capable of being evaluated by tools without special engineering. We follow a proprietary methodology to discover and critique security points of interest relevant to the application’s architecture.

    Advanced Code Review
    Advanced Code Review

    We review the functional and non-functional behavior of application frameworks, model information flow, component interaction, and communication paths while looking for opportunities to customize tools to detect weaknesses in these frameworks.

    Custom Code Review
    Custom Code Review

    Our team performs automated and manual vulnerability assessments in an Advanced Code Review which would also include exploring attack surfaces and frameworks on business-critical software that cannot afford low-severity security vulnerabilities.


    Our consultants will provide you with documents outlining remediation guidance and further provide support to your team during the implementation stage of remediation.

    Source Code Review

    Why work with VISTA InfoSec?

    Industry Expertise- We will share industry-specific insight and provide relevant recommendations for achieving your goals of compliance.
    Years of Experience- Your organization will benefit from our decade long years of Industry experience and knowledge.
    End-to-end support- Our team will hand-hold you at every stage of the assessment and remediation process.
    Robust security & risk management solution- We will provide you with a comprehensive solution, designed to meet your requirements
    Reports detailing the analysis finding- We will provide you documents detailing the findings of the analysis and provide relevant recommendations for the same.
    Industry Best Practice- We adopt best practices and advanced tools to ensure that your application is secure against potential attacks and threats
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions on Source Code Review

    Organizations looking to secure and identify security flaws in the application related to its coding structures, features and design, along with the exact root cause need to perform a source code review. This is typically performed during the development stage of the application to detect and fix all the security flaws in the applications.

    Automated commercial checks and inhouse developed scripts are used for the tests.

    Sourced code reviews are performed once during the development stage of the application to identify security flaws. After rollout, it is required to be done after any changes to the code or one year, whichever is earlier.

    These reports are valid for a period of 6 months to one year depending on the criticality of the applications.

    Secure code review helps detect bugs in the application at an early development stage.
    It helps identify flaws and facilitates quick fix of problems.
    Secure code review facilitates a high level of security benefits.
    Code review helps maintain a consistent coding style across the company.
    Builds confidence of stakeholders about the security of applications.

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