Managed Compliance Services

Complying with Industry and Regulatory Standards can be quite challenging for businesses. Maintaining Compliance is extremely complicated, expensive, and difficult to navigate. Businesses require experienced and qualified professionals to identify threats and effectively deploy an effective defense mechanism. Achieving and maintaining standards in Data Security, Integrity, and Privacy call for a high level of expertise. This is exactly when our specialized Managed Compliance Services comes into the role. Managed Compliance Service includes a thorough review of the Management Practices, Policies, Operations, and Technical Security Controls implemented against the Regulatory requirements. It involves performing a comprehensive Compliance Audit of your operations, IT infrastructure, and related networks. This would even include Cloud services, WAN/LAN, on-premise information systems, and physical environment. It is a complete package designed to support organizations in implementing, monitoring, reporting, and providing ongoing management support. Providing an end-to-end managed solution for Compliance, our team helps your organizations integrate and scale system processes and controls.


    Our Approach to Managed Compliance Services

    Stay Compliant
    Stay Compliant

    You can get Compliant with ISO27001/ ISO22301/ ISO20000/ PCI DSS/ PA DSS/ SOC2/ HIPAA/ SSAE16 or any other customized framework

    Maintain Availability
    Maintain Availability

    We validate, update, and test your Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plans.

    Periodic Internal Audits
    Periodic Internal Audits

    We help maintain Compliance with your processes by conducting periodic Internal Audits.

    External Audits
    External Audits

    Front end your external audits, be it by a regulatory body or a client. We put your best foot forward.

    Vendor Audits
    Vendor Audits

    We collaborate with your Compliance team, assess your vendors, and ensure that due care and diligence are being observed for your critical data.

    Regulatory Compliance
    Regulatory Compliance

    With acknowledged expertise in international and local regulations, we help you get/stay compliant with a variety of standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, NESA, PCI DSS, SOC 1, SOC 2, RBI, and NPCI requirements.

    User Awareness
    User Awareness

    We conduct awareness sessions, mock tests, flyers, and screensavers to ensure that your InfoSec initiatives percolate to all levels.

    Benefits to work with vistainfsoec

    Why work with VISTA InfoSec?

    Years of Experience- Your organization will benefit from our decade long years of Industry experience and knowledge.
    Industry Expertise- We share industry-specific insight and relevant recommendations for achieving your goals of securing IT Infrastructure.
    Transparency in the process- We are known for our efficiency and transparency in our work culture and work process.
    Cross-Industry and platform Expertise- We can provide you with Web and Mobile Application Testing, API Testing, Source Code Assessment, Underlying Infrastructure Assessment services.
    Detailed Project plan and testing methodology- Our team provides you with a detailed project plan and testing methodology to prevent potential downtime.
    Reports detailing the analysis finding- We will provide you documents detailing the analysis process, finding with evidence, and detailed recommendations.
    Vendor neutral Company- We believe in being your true consulting / audit partners by not indulging in sales of hardware/software that might create bias.
    Strictly No Outsourcing- We value your trust in us so we do not outsource your critical assignments to another third party.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions on Managed Compliance Services

    Managed Compliance Services includes –

    Compliance to industry standards (with ISO27001/ PCI DSS/ PA DSS/ CSV/ HIPAA/ SOC2/ SOC1 / GDPR / HIPAA etc. or any other customized framework.)
    Regulatory Requirements
    Validation of BCP and DRP
    Periodic Internal Audits to validate processes and controls
    Front end for client queries and discussions on InfoSec Compliance.
    Assist your team during external audits
    Conduct Vendor Audits
    Conduct User Awareness and Training Programs

    Assured Compliance to Industry Standards & Regulations
    Maintained BCP & DRP Strategies
    Review of Management, Operational, and Technical Security Controls
    Implementation of Security Controls
    Regular Internal Audits
    Risk Management and Assessment
    Security Management Reporting
    Client query and SLA management.

    The scope for Managed Compliance services depends on the specific company, industry, number of employees, nature of the business, business locations, business operations and processes in scope to name a few.

    Managed Compliance Services can be delivered onsite and remotely.

    We have on-board with us industry experts with specialized skill-sets and years of experience that your team may not have.

    Managed Compliance Service is a complete package of multiple services comprising of Security, Compliance, Regulatory and Advisory Services. Availing Managed Compliance Services can help your business achieve Compliance to multiple industry Standards (if required) that can save your time efforts and resources.

    We have a team of experienced professionals assisting your team in the project delivery. In case of any issues arising in the project delivery, we shall review the deliverables and accordingly take further steps to fix them.

    Helps build mature IT governance, Security Risk, and Compliance program.
    Periodic review of IT Systems and Controls.
    End-to-end Compliance Services based on Industry Standards and Requirements.
    Periodic Vulnerability Assessments, Security Risk Analysis, and Contingency planning.
    Appropriate allocation of resources
    Enhanced Compliance process and implementation.
    Manage end-to-end Compliance Programs.

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