Secure Configuration Assessment

Assessing risks that are prevalent within the systems and network of an organization is crucial. This is exactly when a secure configuration assessment is performed. The assessment provides a comprehensive analysis of potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in systems and applications. It is an audit that helps identify vulnerabilities and helps in building a defense against sophisticated and targeted attacks where hackers gain access to privileged systems and data. A secure configuration assessment checks every network and systems configuration and setup parameters for vulnerabilities that a hacker may exploit to gain access. This could include scanning operating systems, networks, and databases. The assessment gives you an insight into your current security posture and also provides a complete overview of access controls, services, and applications running on critical systems, and identifies missing security patches.


    Our Approach to Secure Configuration Assessment

    Advanced and Intelligent scanning
    Advanced and Intelligent scanning

    We scan your IT environment to discover all network devices, operating systems, databases, firewalls, etc., and a wide range of other platforms.

    Identify & Prioritize Assets
    Identify & Prioritize Assets

    Our team identifies assets and prioritize them based on their criticality. It helps rapidly and accurately map the assets to its Asset Groups as per business units.

    Security Configuration Assessment
    Security Configuration Assessment

    We assess the configuration of your core infrastructure such as Firewall security matrix, Database security parameters, HPUX/AIX/Linux OS security configuration, Audit trails, Group policies, DLP matrix, IDS/IPS configuration, etc.

    Risk Classification
    Risk Classification

    Our team performs Risk Classification to identify vulnerabilities and make informed decisions on resource allocation and prioritize immediate remediation for the most critical ones.


    Our team will support you and help you understand the kind of vulnerabilities and provide relevant strategies for remediation.

    Secure Configuration Assessment

    Why work with VISTA InfoSec?

    Years of Experience- Your organization will benefit from our decade long years of Industry experience and knowledge.
    Industry Expertise- We share industry-specific insight and relevant recommendations for achieving your goals of securing IT Infrastructure.
    Transparency in the process- We are known for our efficiency and transparency in our work culture and work process.
    Cross-Industry and platform Expertise- We can provide you with Web and Mobile Application Testing, API Testing, Source Code Assessment, Underlying Infrastructure Assessment services.
    Detailed Project plan and testing methodology- Our team provides you with a detailed project plan and testing methodology to prevent potential downtime.
    Reports detailing the analysis finding- We will provide you documents detailing the analysis process, finding with evidence, and detailed recommendations.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions on Secure Configuration Assessment

    When your organization has concerns about the potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on a device of the current IT Infrastructure, they perform a Secure Configuration Assessment.

    Interview key IT Infrastructure personnel
    Data Gathering
    Advanced Scan of the IT environment (operating systems, networks & database).
    Prioritize assets based on the criticality
    Review Access controls
    Provide remediation

    Operating Systems (Microsoft, Linux, Unix)
    Network Devices (Routers, Switches)
    Web servers
    Database Servers (Postgres, MS SQL, Oracle)
    Security systems such as WAF, IPS, SIEM, MDM, FIM, PIM, etc

    Automated Commercial tools, internally developed scripts, and even manual checks using various frameworks such as CIS, NIST, SANS, etc are used for Secure Configuration Assessment.

    Depending on the criticality and risk factors, these findings may need to be closed in a timeframe from 1 week to 3 months.

    3 months to one year depending on the asset and the dictates of the Regulatory / Statutory body.

    The assessment effectively helps identify misconfigurations in systems and networks.
    Facilitates proactive correction of misconfiguration and improvement of system reliability and service quality.
    The assessment is essential for running a healthy security program.
    It facilitates the hardening of your surface area and reducing organizational risk.
    Increases efficiency, control, and stability by improving tracking and visibility.
    Helps define policies, procedures, and enforce auditing, asset classification, and monitoring.

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