Cloud Risk Management

Cloud Risk Management is the process of assessing, securing, and managing all kinds of risks related to Cloud computing. It includes assessment across your organization’s cloud footprint. The Risk Management process involves evaluating the organization’s competency to deliver services within a set timeframe and demonstrate commitment to security and privacy levels. Cloud Risk Management helps organizations understand the risks associated with cloud computing services. It helps organizations make necessary security changes and align their business operations. It also helps in making informed decisions on cloud computing services if you plan to outsource. Effectively implemented, Cloud Risk Management facilitates operational efficiencies and drive business growth.

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    Our Approach to Cloud Risk – CCM / CStar / ISO27017

    Initial Study
    Initial Study

    We conduct an initial study of your business and understand your growth plans, current pain areas, and business goals. This will enable us to consolidate the Cloud scope thereby helping you reduce cost and time of rollout.

    Scope Definition
    Scope Definition

    Our team will help you identify and understand appropriate cloud platform models: IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, etc. We further support your management in Scope Definition which includes setting timelines, responsibilities, and budget for the implementation.

    Data Flow Analysis
    Data Flow Analysis

    We identify all point of presence of your data in the Cloud and further map who accesses or can access your sensitive data. We also document the geographical distribution of your data.

    Regulatory and Process Check
    Regulatory and Process Check

    Our experts assess the regulatory and statutory requirements and compliance levels of your Cloud Provider.

    DR Check
    DR Check

    We also assess the Disaster Readiness of your Cloud Provider and ensure Business Continuity in case of an incident.

    Topology Check
    Topology Check

    Our team assesses the network design, virtualization topology (if any), intrusion detection checks, failover controls, etc. as per your business requirements.

    Assess your Cloud Provider's
    Assess your Cloud Provider's

    We thoroughly assess User management processes, Data isolation across the host of clients serviced by the provider, Data Backup and restoration strategies, Data Encryption and decryption processes, Data Classification, Management of data at offsite locations.


    Our team of assessors conduct an internal/external Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of the Cloud Infrastructure.

    Documented Milestones
    Documented Milestones

    Document well-defined milestones with Roles and responsibilities of your transition to the Cloud.

    Rolling Out Recommendations
    Rolling Out Recommendations

    Since any Cloud rollout involves heavy interaction of Technology, our Infrastructure Advisory Services team shall support your internal team in rolling out the recommendations such as sanitized CDE (Card Data Environment) processing room, network segregation, log correlation, encryption, SIEM, product POC, NAC/WAF assessment, IPV6, etc.


    After a reasonable gestation period, a separate team of experts conduct a Pre-assessment of your setup.

    Cloud Certification
    Cloud Certification

    Once all controls are confirmed to be in place, we issue a legally admissible CStar or equivalent certificate of Compliance.

    Benefits to work with vistainfsoec

    Why work with VISTA InfoSec?

    Vendor Neutral Solution- We provide a vendor-neutral assessment of your public/private/hybrid cloud options.
    Industry Expertise- We provide our expert tech inputs to ensure productivity is least hampered while achieving compliance.
    Years of Experience – Your organization will benefit from our decade long years of Industry experience and knowledge.
    Benchmark Standards- Using well-accepted benchmarks from CSA and NIST, we help organizations assess and secure their Cloud strategies.
    International Frameworks- Using globally recommended frameworks from NIST, ENISA, CCM, we help organizations manage risks.
    Robust Security & Risk Management Solution- Our state-of-the-art assessment framework effectively helps identify and mitigate infrastructure based risks on the cloud in context to insider access, ancillary data, software isolation, and availability.
    Report Detailing the Analysis Finding- We will provide you documents detailing the findings of the analysis and provide relevant recommendations for the same.
    Assessment & Certification- We also provide C-Star assessment and certification.
    Strictly No Outsourcing- We value your trust in us so we do not outsource your critical assignments to another third party.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions on Cloud Risk – CCM / CStar / ISO27017

    When your organization is making a significant Cloud-related change or transformation.
    When your organization is creating a cloud strategy.
    When your organization needs to determine your cloud readiness from the perspective of scalability, security or resilience.
    When your organization is about to outsource or wishes to review outsource arrangements.
    When regulators focus on you outsource arrangements and check the resilience of your critical services.
    When the organization is looking to implement effective risk management of enterprise cloud services to achieve Industry Standard Compliance.
    When your organization feels an appropriate level of service is not being provided by the cloud provider.

    Yes, we do provide an assessment against CCM. The Service milestone includes Gap Analysis, Advisory Services and even Final Attestation services.

    Yes. We provide our expertise and assess your organization to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27017. We assess the gap between the company declaration of cloud security and the actual implementation. Our assessment includes identifying the areas of concerns in cloud security, areas of improvement, and remediation measures.

    Cloud Risk Management Service involves Assessing, Identifying, and Managing risks related to cloud computing. It is performed to prevent the identified risks from impacting business goals. The output your organization can expect from the services includes-

    Highlights the competency of existing Security and Privacy frameworks.
    Identified risk exposure in the outsourced Cloud Computing Services.
    Prioritize the identified risks based on their criticality and impact on business.
    Implementation of suggested risk remediation.
    Risk mitigation and improved security controls and frameworks.

    Our team of experts will first help you identify and understand appropriate cloud platform models: IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, etc. We then provide all the necessary support to your management in Scope Definition which includes identifying and prioritizing assets and risk, setting timelines, responsibilities, and budget for the implementation of remediation for identified risks.

    Companies should review their Cloud Risk Assessments and Cloud Risk Management practices every 3 years, or whenever there are any significant changes to the workplace, security controls, policies, and processes.

    Any audit report is typically valid for a period of 1 year further to which a minimal yearly Compliance audit is required. Its advisable to go in for an assessment cycle every year or after significant change in processes.

    Cloud Risk Management helps identify risks and level of risk exposure of your organizations.
    It helps assess, and prioritize risks depending on the criticality.
    The process facilitates the decision-making allocation of the budget for risk mitigation.
    The risk management process facilitates focused remediation.
    Gives direction to the organization for improving security.
    Helps address issues and concerns of using a cloud environment.

    Cloud Risk Management will cost $8000.

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