Protect Control Manage Audit sensitive card data.

Manage your risks from sensitive card data with our PCI DSS Compliance services. Not just a bunch of paperwork but rolled out processes with support from our Technical Advisory Team.

Every company that accepts credit card payments, processes credit card transactions, stores credit card data, or in any other way touches personal or sensitive data associated with credit card payment processing, is affected by PCI DSS.

With multiple project experiences, our consultants are well qualified to deliver services in this area. We are also experienced in providing an integrated implementation approach to PCI-DSS and ISO27001.

Our Approach to helping you manage your card risks with PCI DSS.

Why our PCI DSS is much sought after by Corporations worldwide

  • A well designed environment effectively protecting your sensitive card information.
  • Vulnerability scans inline with ASV requirements.
  • Support in system hardening.
  • Training videos and materials with your branding.
  • Certification support.
  • PCI DSS processes and deliverables through our GRC portal for end-to-end compliance management.
  • Managed Security portal:
  • CxO dashboard.
  • Two-factor authentication, SSL data encryption & real time DR backups.
  • Online Submission and tracking of VA/PT tasks.
  • Customizable reports available only in secure repository with encryption
  • Assign vulnerabilities to team member for closure with time limit.
  • Team members can mark vulnerabilities as “Closed” and upload evidence.
  • Track closure of vulnerabilities identified.

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