VI Achieves SOC2 -Type1 Certification For Managed Security Services

Published on : 02 Jan 2023

VI Achieves SOC2 -Type1 Certification For Managed Security Services

VodafoneIdea Limited, a leading Indian Telecom Operator has successfully achieved SOC2 Attestation. After undergoing a rigorous auditing process, VodafoneIdea achieved SOC2 Attestation from VISTA InfoSec, a well-known Global Cybersecurity Consulting, and Certification organization. The SOC2 Audit and Attestation is an assessment of internal controls and security practices conducted by the independent auditors of VISTA InfoSec.


Achieving the SOC2 Attestation is a milestone for the organization as it demonstrates their commitment to high-level security and operational resilience. The Attestation is a documented evidence that VodafoneIdea has successfully met all the requirements and implemented security controls in alignment with SOC2 Requirements.


“Performing the SOC2 Audit was a deliberate decision by our management to prove our commitment towards the security of sensitive data. We were adamant to test and ensure the efficiency of our established processes and internal controls within our organization” said Mathan K Babu, CTSO, VodafoneIdea Limited. With the successful completion of the SOC2 Audit and the achievement of SOC2 Attestation, it confirms that VodafoneIdea Limited has all the necessary internal controls in place. The Management and the entire team of VodafoneIdea Limited were truly dedicated and proactive in ensuring an efficient conduct of the audit process,” said, Narendra Sahoo, Founder & Director of VISTA InfoSec.


The SOC2 Audit performed is based on the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria. The Audit report focuses on Vodafone’s non-financial reporting controls related to the Security and Availability, of their systems and internal controls relevant to their Managed DDOS Protection Services. The audit report provided by VISTA InfoSec verifies the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of controls that are in alignment with the AICPA’s standards and Trust Services Criteria (TSC).


SOC2 is an international auditing standard and the industry’s best data security practice in the US. Achieving a SOC2 Attestation demonstrates that VodafoneIdea Limited is committed to securing sensitive data and for which they have established a robust security program within the organization.

The Attestation suggests that VodafoneIdea Limited delivers secure services and solutions to their clients, and the audit report is an assurance of their commitment to the security and reliability of their internal controls.


Note-The SOC2 Audit report and findings are only available to the clients and stakeholders of VodafoneIdea Limited for review, based on request.

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Narendra Sahoo
Narendra Sahoo

Narendra Sahoo (PCI QPA, PCI QSA, PCI SSF ASSESSOR, CISSP, CISA, CRISC, 27001 LA) is the Founder and Director of VISTA InfoSec, a global Information Security Consulting firm, based in the US, Singapore & India. Mr. Sahoo holds more than 25 years of experience in the IT Industry, with expertise in Information Risk Consulting, Assessment, & Compliance services. VISTA InfoSec specializes in Information Security audit, consulting and certification services which include GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, NESA, MAS-TRM, PCI DSS Compliance & Audit, PCI PIN, SOC2 Compliance & Audit, PDPA, PDPB to name a few. The company has for years (since 2004) worked with organizations across the globe to address the Regulatory and Information Security challenges in their industry. VISTA InfoSec has been instrumental in helping top multinational companies achieve compliance and secure their IT infrastructure.