Thick Client Security Assessment

Thick Client Application may contain many security vulnerabilities that could lead to system compromise. The Application security testing helps identify the programming-level issues, file access issues, configuration issues in the application that can lead to system compromise. It is a technical assessment that involves exploiting the identified vulnerabilities in the applications installed on the client-side systems. This helps enhance the overall security of the application and prevents unauthorized access that can cause a breach. The testing procedure includes both local and server-side processing. The Thick Client Application test provides actionable guidance for remediating the vulnerabilities. It further helps improve the application development and security program processes. The test typically includes reviewing server-side controls, data communication paths, and potential client-side application issues.


    Our Approach to Thick Client Application Security Assessment

    Identify & Prioritize Assets
    Identify & Prioritize Assets

    Our qualified team of assessors will assess and map the assets and prioritize them based on their criticality.

    Assess & Scan
    Assess & Scan

    We scan and identify vulnerabilities in your applications using our advanced commercial tools and in-house tools/scripts.

    Advanced & Intelligent Scanning
    Advanced & Intelligent Scanning

    We conduct an Advanced Intelligent Scanning of your application to discover all network devices, operating systems, databases, firewalls concerned with the working and security of your applications.

    Security Configuration Assessment
    Security Configuration Assessment

    We assess the configuration of the dependent infrastructure such as Firewall security matrix, Database security parameters, HPUX/AIX/Linux OS security configuration, Audit trails, IDS/IPS configuration, etc. for strengthening the security of systems.

    Risk Classification and Reporting
    Risk Classification and Reporting

    We identify vulnerabilities and provide you with a detailed report comprising risk classification. This will help you make an informed decision and focus resources on remediating the most critical ones.

    Detailed remediation steps
    Detailed remediation steps

    We will together with your team plan and strategize detailed remediation for vulnerabilities identified.

    Thick Client Application Security Assessment

    Why work with VISTA InfoSec?

    Industry Expertise- We will share industry-specific insight and provide relevant recommendations for achieving your goals of compliance.
    Years of Experience- Your organization will benefit from our decade long years of Industry experience and knowledge.
    Cross-Industry and platform Expertise- We provide Web app, mobile apps, API testing, Source Code assessment, underlying infrastructure assessment, etc.
    Detailed project plans and testing methodology- Our experts will provide your team with a detailed project plan and testing methodology that will prevent the downtime
    Reports detailing the analysis finding- We will provide you documents detailing the analysis process, finding with evidence, and provide relevant recommendations for the same.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions on Thick Client Application Security Assessment

    Thick Client Application Security Testing includes-

    Static test (source code de-compilation, code injection, configuration files in cleartext, storage mechanism)
    Dynamic test (input validation, file upload, broken authentication, log forging, weak GUI
    System test ( dependency mapping, privilege level)
    Network test ( testing weak encryption, testing SSL, Scan server)

    Commercial tools and internally developed scripts are used by our team for Thick Client Security Testing. Secondly, more than the tools, since Thick clients work in typically a non-standard way, real expertise lies in identifying gaps in business logic that resulting in system compromise.

    Thick Client Application Security Tests should be conducted every 3 months depending on application criticality and the risk rating.

    Password strength
    Buffer overflows
    Cross-site scripting
    SQL Injections
    Source code disclosure
    HTTP Response Splitting
    Link Injection
    DOS attack
    Internal IP Address Disclosure
    Application Physical Path Disclosure
    Host Header Information Leakage
    Unencrypted Login Request
    Insecure HTTP Methods
    HTTP TRACE / TRACK Methods

    It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to conduct a Thick Client Application Security Test.

    Exploit the identified Vulnerabilities.
    Enhance the security of an application.
    Prevent unauthorized access.
    Intrusion Detection.
    Prevents cyber-attacks.

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