DPO Consulting Services

Data protection is a complex and time-consuming process. Organizations often struggle to comply with various Data Protection laws due to a lack of resources and time. This is when organizations look for outsourced DPO Consulting Services. Data Protection Officer (DPO) advisory service is designed to assist the organization with their legal obligations and responsibility towards various Data Protection laws. Data Protection Officer is a qualified individual who oversees an organization’s Data protection and processing activities. The DPO is required to guide and ensure that an organization complies with the law, and acts in accordance with the industry’s best data protection practices. For some organizations, it is mandatory to appoint a DPO, but in general, it is recommended for all organizations to hire one. But, appointing a full-time DPO may not always be a feasible option for organizations. That’s when availing DPO Consultancy Services proves beneficial for organizations. Outsourced DPO services will ensure you are compliant with the regulations and meet industry standard norms.


    Our Approach to DPO Consulting Services

    Scope Definition
    Scope Definition

    We spend significant time with your senior management in Scope Definition which includes timelines, responsibilities, and budget for the implementation. Wherever possible, we provide inputs to consolidate scope thereby cutting down on project cost and timelines.

    Security Policies
    Security Policies

    Assess all of your organization's security policies be it formal/informal.

    Privacy Policies
    Privacy Policies

    Assess all of your organization's privacy policies be it formal/informal.


    Assess your training programs and efforts.

    Risk Assessment
    Risk Assessment

    Assess your organization's risk analysis efforts and documentation.


    Assess your organization's physical environment for potential violations.

    Compliance Rollout
    Compliance Rollout

    Provide specific guidance on how to fix problems related to Data protection.

    Compliance Frontend
    Compliance Frontend

    Frontend the organisation for various client meetings audits and even at the ICO.

    Benefits to work with vistainfsoec

    Why work with VISTA InfoSec?

    Years of Experience- Your organization will benefit from our decade long years of Industry experience and knowledge.
    Industry Expertise- We share industry-specific insight and relevant recommendations for achieving your Compliance goals and securing IT Infrastructure.
    Vendor neutral Company- We believe in being your true consulting / audit partners by not indulging in sales of hardware/software that might create bias.
    Strictly No Outsourcing- We value your trust in us so we do not outsource your critical assignments to another third party.
    Qualified DPO – We provide qualified DPOs with experience of at least 12-15 years and with relevant certifications.
    End-to-end support – Our team will hand-hold you at every stage of the Compliance process including the design of controls and documentation as may be required.

    Frequently Asked Questions on DPO Consulting Services

    Advise controllers or processors on their obligations under the Data Protection Law.
    Monitor and ensure compliance with GDPR and other Data Protection Provisions.
    Engaging with the Supervisory Authority for matters relating to Compliance (Single Point of contact).
    Educating and creating awareness about GDPR Compliance and other Data Protection law.
    Educating employees about their roles and responsibilities pertaining to GDPR and other Data Protection laws.
    Assessing policies, and procedures, developed in context to Data Protection law.
    Oversees Data Breach Management and Reporting activities.
    Training employees involved in the data processing.
    Maintaining comprehensive records of all the data processing activities.

    Appointing a Data Protection Officer is compulsory for all organizations collecting and/or processing Personal Data of Citizens of EU (under article 37 of GDPR). So, organizations that lack the resources of appointing a full-time DPO may require DPO Advisory Services.

    Under article 37 of GDPR, it is a mandate to appoint a DPO for an organization collecting or processing Personal Data.

    DPO needs to have prior proven experience, expertise, and knowledge in Data Protection law. The DPO should have the industry experience and knowledge of the types of processing your organization does.

    Access to experienced privacy specialists with wide-range expertise in data protection laws.
    Optimal resource utilisation and attrition management.
    Flexibility in outsourced data protection activity allows organizations to focus on their core business.
    Improves the level of GDPR Compliance.
    Mitigate the risk of conflict of interest of the DPO.
    Assistance with critical data breach response.

    The DPO hired is under a service contract. They are not employees but report to the board thereby free from any undue influence, and so they work independently of the Data Controller as stated by the law.

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