Proactively identify missing patches. insecure configuration. insecure SSL implementation. ineffective group policy. contradicting firewall rules. insecure database configuration. insecure web server configuration.

To fix vulnerabilities, you need to identify first what is missing and then fixing them in a proactive mannger... before the hackers/viruses come knocking.. Call us!

Using a potent mix of commercial tools, inhouse developed scripts and an automated MSS portal, our Vulnerability Assessment services identifies vulnerabilities across networks, operating systems, databases, SAN/NAS, VoIP, Firewall, Routers/Switches, VPNs, NAC, Mainframes and wide-range of platforms through its adaptive NextGen Vulnerability Management Approach.

Our NexGen approach to vulnerability identification and management:

Take aways from this first level of preventive and detective control:

  • Executive Reports summarizing by business area, assets and services.
  • Remediation Reports with detailed steps for administrators.
  • Regulatory Compliance (PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, FISMA, RBI and COBIT requirements) and Policy Violation reports.
  • Trends report to monitor progress.
  • CIO Dashboard (Security Monitoring Dashboard Only)
  • Vulnerability Management portal
  • CxO dashboard.
  • Two-factor authentication, SSL data encryption & real time DR backups.
  • Online Submission and tracking of VA/PT tasks.
  • Customizable reports available only in secure repository with encryption
  • Assign vulnerabilities to team member for closure with time limit.
  • Team members can mark vulnerabilities as “Closed” and upload evidence.
  • Track closure of vulnerabilities identified.