Software License Audit

Software license audits can really be stressful for organizations, especially when it is least expected or unbudgeted. The audits are performed by software vendors on organizations if they believe there are license Compliance issues. The audit is performed by an independent, third-party auditor who reviews software contracts, software usage, and licenses to determine any violation resulting in software piracy, license underuse, or other issues. The service is designed to deal with all the software licensing and audit challenges efficiently. It includes providing high-level licensing expertise which is often not found in-house. The consultancy service includes assessing the applications deployed across platforms, providing an insight into the use of applications, and advisory on ways to optimize and minimize audit risks and penalty exposure.


    Our Approach to Software License Audit

    License Utilization check
    License Utilization check

    Run automated tools and manual scripts to identify software in use in the enterprise.

    License Utilization on the Cloud
    License Utilization on the Cloud

    Assess the licenses used by your organization on your various cloud platforms.

    Software Purchased
    Software Purchased

    Consolidate all the fragmented software purchases you have made over the years.

    Consolidate & Report
    Consolidate & Report

    Evaluate your actual organizational software utilization versus your organizational needs versus your actual software purchases.

    Maximize Resources
    Maximize Resources

    With a singular focus on saving you money, identify the most cost-effective way to mitigate licensing exceptions if any.

    Face Your Audits
    Face Your Audits

    Represent your organization when the external auditor comes knocking. We will ensure there are no exaggerations in the audit and neither any misrepresentation by the auditor.

    Software License Audit

    Why work with VISTA InfoSec?

    No sales or outsourcing- We do not sell or promote any software licenses ourselves or on behalf of others.
    Vendor-neutral – We provide a vendor-neutral assessment of your organizations licensing requirements.
    Audit Support- Our team provides complete support to your team during the software license audit. We even help your team close gaps identified in the audit.
    Actionable recommendations- Our team provides remediation to mitigate risks and reduce penalty exposures.
    Industry Expertise- We share industry-specific insight and relevant recommendations for achieving your goals of compliance. Our expert tech inputs will ensure your productivity is least hampered while achieving compliance.
    Years of Experience- You can benefit from our decade long years of Industry experience and knowledge.
    Reports detailing the analysis finding- Provide you documents detailing complete analysis and relevant recommendations for remediation.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions on Software License Audit

    Yes. ISO 19770 is an International Standard for Software Asset Management and can be used as an audit benchmark too.

    Evaluate the current practices on the installation and use of the software.
    Determine whether employees are complying with the provisions of software licenses.
    Determine through assessment and review of organization policy with regards to software license compliance.
    Assist organization design and implement software license policy if it does not exist.
    Assess through inquiry and discussion with the relevant officials the degree of compliance in the organization.
    Assess the procedures set to ensure compliance with software licenses.
    Inventory the software installed on the computers attached to the LAN, or on computers.
    Ensures removal of installed software that not in compliance with software license agreements.

    Typically all IT assets such as desktops, laptops, and servers are included in the scope. Even the OEMs to be included are identified initially as part of the scope.

    The exercise should be performed once a year.

    The report is valid for typically 1 year

    No, these reports are directly and only provided to the stakeholders of the organizations who retained us for this exercise.

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