Compliance Training & skill Development

Employee training is a mandate by most legislation/ regulations and even standards. It requires organizations to conduct compliance training programs for employees on the laws, regulations, and standards applicable to their job function or industry. Compliance training and skill development program is designed for Corporates looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the respective field or discipline. The course content includes various knowledge-based and practical training on various industry standards and compliance. The corporate compliance training program assists organizations and equips its employees to deal with various regulatory, risk, and compliance issues. The program helps maintain the safety of the workplace and the dignity of its employee. Academia Compliance under the banner of VISTA InfoSec offers value-based Compliance training programs for corporates. The program offered focuses on providing training on various e-Security subjects set at different levels to equip corporate employees and ensure they comply with various regulatory standards.


    Our Approach to Training & Skill Development

    Customized Content
    Customized Content

    We provide training material fine-tuned as per the policies and procedures developed.

    Categorized Presentation
    Categorized Presentation

    We conduct awareness training program department-wise to ensure a need-to-know basis.

    Multi-tangent Content
    Multi-tangent Content

    Content provided in the shape of infosec presentations, screen savers, desktop backgrounds, posters, stickers, and other collateral.

    Periodic Training
    Periodic Training

    Provide on-going training programs and materials designed into online training modules that can be used for future reference by new joinees and other users.

    Tracked Training
    Tracked Training

    Ensure compliance by reconciling how many people have joined the company and how many have completed the training.

    Social Engineering Tests
    Social Engineering Tests

    Regular social engineering exercises to create awareness within employees on the seriousness of the challenges.

    Customized Training Videos
    Customized Training Videos

    Onsite training provided is recorded, branded in your name, and provided to you for the training of the new joinees.

    Monitored Presentation
    Monitored Presentation

    Through our online awareness training portal, you can keep track of who has viewed the training and who has skipped, answer a set of randomized questions, and certificate of training awarded.

    Benefits to work with vistainfsoec

    Why work with VISTA InfoSec?

    Years of Experience- Your organization will benefit from our decade long years of Industry experience and knowledge.
    Industry Expertise- Our experts will share industry-specific insight and relevant recommendations during the training programs.
    Practical Training- We provide practical training for corporates in their respective field or discipline.
    Unlimited access to E-stores-,/b> We offer unlimited access to our valuable training videos and materials for future reference and learning.
    Customized Training Material Content- You can get access to our customized training videos and materials, specific to your field or discipline.
    Certification Program- At the end of our Compliance Training Program, you will get certified for the training you availed.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions on Training & Skill Development

    Academia Compliance under the VISTA InfoSec banner offers the following compliance training program-

    Information Security Training and Certification programs
    Certified PCI Compliance Specialist (CPCS)
    Business Continuity and Resiliency Management
    Foundation Certification in Information Security Management
    Intermediate Certification in Information Security Management
    Master Training Program in Information Security Management courses

    Corporate Advantage is a premium training option available for our corporate clientele. You engage with our expert trainers on a customized training schedule. The corporate training sessions can be streamed live to your premises or the Expert Trainer can come down to your premises. Share your requirements and we will provide you the right solution.

    No. We only conduct Corporate Training programs for organizations interested in enhancing their employee’s skills.

    Based on the course you avail you will benefit from learning

    Basics of Network, Security, and Cloud Technology.
    Understand Industry Compliance, risk, and governance.
    Complete understanding of the regulatory environment
    Learn to design and build world-class GRC systems and controls.
    Learn to prevent cybercrimes/attacks.
    Principles of various International Standards ( ISO, PCI, PTS, P2PE Standards)
    Develop professional skills in a chosen field or discipline

    Gain a better understanding of compliance laws, regulations, and company policies.
    Reduces the chance of potential lawsuits.
    Eliminates the possibility of ignorance on compliance amongst employees.
    Improves productivity with well-informed employees.
    Addresses organization-specific risk exposure and risk profile.
    Facilitates the development of strategies for implementing the technologies, and policies.
    Helps build an effective Infrastructure, Data Security, and Privacy Compliance program.

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