Awareness beyond Classroom. Presentation. Company handbook.

Our security awareness programs are effective and bind the whole Information Security Management System together, complementing and supporting technical, physical and procedural controls.

We link policies to practices, aligning what people actually do with what they are supposed to do. It helps employees of your organization understand their obligations and motivates them to comply - not just because they are told to do so but out of self interest.

The 3 E’s of Training Campaigns:

  • Establish: Establish the requirements for information security, the “rules” as defined in policy, and raise awareness of the need for compliance.
  • Educate: Educate employees on their information security obligations and the potential consequences of ignoring them, through an ongoing awareness program.
  • Enforce: Enforce the rules by promoting suitable compliance activities, coupled with controls to identify and minimize information security “near-misses” as well as actual incidents.
Our approach to InfoSec awareness in your organisation:

Let us help you move beyond the one time training seminar. A brief look at our key deliverables

  • Online awareness portal.
  • Customised content.
  • Categorised department wise trainings.
  • Customised training videos.
  • Social engineering tests.
  • Infosec screensavers, desktop backgrounds, posters, stickers and other collaterals.