Confirm your software licensing scope. adequacy. utlilisation.

Many companies have got "friendly" emails / calls from software vendors for license audits which is usually followed by an "inflated" purchase recommendation. Are you one of them?
Don't worry, we are there, call us!

Many a time in the guise of a veiled threat, organisations are forced to conduct software license audits. Yes, an organisation cannot breach software licensing requirement. But, many a time after such a "compelled" audit, organisations are handed a bill of "must purchase" softwares which is neither needed nor were they in use.
With our vast enterprise experience, we conduct proactive software license audits for our clients to let them know their license compliance posture. Our assessment reports go a long way in preparing you for these “External software license audits”…

Without an axe to grind (software sales), we are your ideal partners to help you maximise your purchases and decrease expenditure.
We even support our clients in analyzing and responding to findings when the external software license audits do happen.

The approach of our qualified infrastructure consulting professionals to help you save money:

So, how can we save you money while ensuring that you are not infringing any licenses?

  • Vendor neutral assessment of your organizational licensing requirements.
  • Innovative ways to optimize license utilization.
  • Support during “external audits” to close out findings if any.
  • Expert tech inputs to ensure productivity is least hampered while achieving compliance.