Control Manage Audit your regulatory and statutory compliance.

Manage your RBI / NPCI compliance risks and the interconnectivity with your internal processes.
Not just a bunch of paperwork but rolled out processes with support from our Technical Advisory Team.

Regulatory compliance will be the top business issue affecting enterprise information security professionals in the next 12 to 18 months, according to research from ISACA.

Governmental agencies, financial institutions and the general public are increasingly concerned with the industry's ability to demonstrate transparent and effective IT governance practices. It is now virtually mandatory for companies to develop and implement demonstrable compliance management systems.With the attempted $951-million Bangladesh Bank heist providing an alarming backdrop, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is strongly prodding banks to step up the vigil against cyber crimes, a growing bugbear for consumers. Banks have been specifically directed to put in place a security policy enlisting the strategy to combat such threats, duly approved by their Boards, by September 30, 2016.

Be it ekyc certification or Internet Banking certification or Mobile banking certication or CISA Audit or ATM Security Assessments or the latest RBI Cyber Security framework OR any other infosec requirement that the proactive RBI and NPCI may throw at you, we got your back covered...

Whether it is assessing your processes for Compliance or handholding your organisation through the entire process of implementation and then Certification, we are there with you...

Now as a value added service, we provide online GRC solution at no additional cost… no more any need to circulate Word / Excel files… the entire assignment completed delivered online… secure, trackable and with end-to-end workflow.

Our Approach to helping you manage your regulatory and statutory compliance.

What sets us apart from other "consulting companies":

  • Known expertise in international IT regulations.
  • Documentation updated and localized as per regulatory requirements.
  • Expert tech inputs to ensure productivity is least hampered while achieving compliance.
  • Certification provided through our office in India or US as per your requirements.
  • Regulatory Compliance processes and deliverables through our GRC portal:
  • User wise Action dashboard.
  • Fully customizable and workflow based – access as per RBAC.
  • Trackable User Awareness Training module
  • Conduct audits and maintain evidence online in central repository.
  • Business Continuity Planning and Testing.
  • Asset Management, Risk Management, Incident management modules.
  • Online repository of policies and procedures with Role Based Access Control.