End to end PA DSS consulting for your Clients Developers stakeholders

Commercial Payment applications that store, transmit or process card data have to be necessarily PA DSS certified. Does the certification exercise seem too daunting for you... call us.
A customised consulting solution as per the risk profile of your application is just what your business needs.

Our PA-DSS consulting services helps organizations developing commercial payment applications through the entire cycle of PA-DSS in an effortless manner. Our consulting team comprising of Subject Matter Experts have the knowledge and skills to provide the consultancy and implementation services for the standard implementation.
We also provide Integrated Standards Management System incase you have multiple standards in place in your organisation and need an integrated approach to the exercise.

Our Approach to helping you manage your application InfoSec risks with PA-DSS.

Why our PA-DSS services are much sought after by Corporations worldwide

  • Policies and procedures commensurate with your organsational risk levels.
  • A comprehensive PA-DSS compliant document set.
  • Integrated Standards Management with other ISO standards.
  • Documentation set in sync with other infosec standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, CSV, SOX, etc.
  • A robust Risk Management system in place.
  • Training videos and materials with your branding.
  • Certification support.
  • Managed Security portal:
  • CxO dashboard.
  • Two-factor authentication, SSL data encryption & real time DR backups.
  • Online Submission and tracking of VA/PT tasks.
  • Customizable reports available only in secure repository with encryption
  • Assign vulnerabilities to team member for closure with time limit.
  • Team members can mark vulnerabilities as “Closed” and upload evidence.
  • Track closure of vulnerabilities identified.