Identify performance bottlenecks in your servers. network devices. firewalls. connectivity links. applications.

Branch offices complaining of slow connectivity speeds OR intermittent network drops OR planning to rollout a new ERP/new branch and not sure whether your infra can take the load?
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  • Have you been through a scenario where a particular branch office of yours claims that some application is running slow perhaps at some time of the month or day, you ask the application team and they point to the database team, the database point to network, the network team points to the firewall and the firewall admin points you back to the application.
  •              OR
  • Was your network running slow and you hiked up the bandwidth, you hiked up the bandwidth and the router started running in the red, you upgraded your router and your firewall started hitting peak loads... this is the phenomenon of "shifting bottlenecks" caused when companies take up kneejerk measures for solving IT issues.
Does any of the above scenarios sound familiar? If yes, then you are not alone... there are millions of other companies like you facing similar issues. To cater to this niche, we have our specialised network forensics and audit team.

Using a well balanced monitoring system across your Network, Servers and Desktop Infrastructure, we assess:
Network Infrastructure:

Server Infrastructure:

Desktop Infrastructure:

Our deliverables which draw some of the largest organisations for this niche service:

  • Executive Reports summarizing by business area, assets and services.
  • Remediation Reports with detailed steps for BU Heads, administrators and engineers.
  • Clear identification of current and potential bottlenecks.
  • Precise implementable recommendations with Bill of Materials for changes such as network design, proposed DC, firewall/router upgrade, etc
  • Support to your team in rolling out the recommendations