Assess your mobile apps for bad data storage practices. Malware. uauthorized access. lack of encryption. data leaks from syncing.

With most mobile apps having lower security considerations than college projects and almost a total lack of antivirus measures on mobiles/tablets, can you afford to compromise on client security?
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With the ubiquitous mobiles overtaking the sale of PCs and laptops, more and more apps are finetuned for the mobile than for the PC. Reminiscent of the early 90s, there is lack of security awareness amongst mobile app programmers and almost total lack of anti-malware measures on mobiles. This has led to these endpoint devices being a prime target for hackers and viruses.

Our Mobile Security Risk Assessment Services help you to evaluate mobile security risks associated with Mobile Devices, Mobile Applications (Mobile App), Mobile Infrastructure by identifying vulnerabilities and threats from multiple perspectives such as malicious users, external attackers, internal malicious users attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in mobile devices, application and infrastructure.

Our team performs comprehensive assessment by looking at the security, compliance risks and industry best practices of your mobile devices, mobile application and mobile infrastructure.

Our approach to helping your secure your mobile applications and devices:

Setting you on your way to a secure mobile computing environment with:

  • Comprehensive report with actionable guidance to improve mobile device, mobile application and infrastructure from attacks.
  • Strategic, practical and easy to understand usable remediation recommendations to improve your mobile security stance.
  • Third party attestation certificate for submitting to your regulatory and compliance bodies.
  • Vulnerability Management portal
  • CxO dashboard.
  • Two-factor authentication, SSL data encryption & real time DR backups.
  • Online Submission and tracking of VA/PT tasks.
  • Customizable reports available only in secure repository with encryption
  • Assign vulnerabilities to team member for closure with time limit.
  • Team members can mark vulnerabilities as “Closed” and upload evidence.
  • Track closure of vulnerabilities identified.