Harden your infrastructure against hackers. viruses. malware.

Most hacks are successful cause of default settings from out-of-the box configurations. Are you one of the casualties? Were you able to implement the recommendations of your last VA? Is it on-hold since everyone is wondering as to "who will bell the cat"?
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Are you one of the millions across the globe who conduct Vulnerability assessments of their infrastructure but couldn't make head nor tail of the report
Are your infosec auditors moving around with a checklist with no knowledge as to how you can actually fix their hair-brained recommendations?
System Hardening is necessary since "out of the box" settings of most operating systems, email servers, web servers, routers, switches, firewalls etc are insecure. They were designed to make installation a breeze, not to ensure that you have enabled only what you need.

VISTA InfoSec Consultants will create customize system builds per their requirement. These builds are also created according to your business requirements, audit reports, Industry best practices and guidelines.

  • Initial meeting with your technical specialists to agree the details of the engagement.
  • Evaluate and assess the current system configurations using best practices.
  • Use of customized tools and software to determine areas for improvement.
  • Follow up meetings to discuss findings and remediation strategies.
  • Implement recommendations to secure / hardened the systems.
  • Provide business-focused report detailing issues identified and steps taken.
  • Run another series of tests that the system is actually hardened.

Hardening services offered

Easy-to-read reports for multiple stakeholders to take appropriate decisive action including

  • Balanced Security with Operational Convenience - Increased assurance that systems and applications are well secured while still being able to effectively carry out business operations
  • Preventative measures in place to secure systems from possible future intrusion attacks. It is a more costly effort to recover after an intrusion attack.
  • Recognized financial savings and improved business reputation.
  • Assurance of best practice used, as large multinationals, governments and banks implement some of the same recommendations.
  • Removal of un-necessary services and inefficiencies in configuration will result in better performance