We as your IR team to effectively investigate respond resume from cyber incidents

Hacked ! Question is not "if" but "when";
An invisible hacker sitting in your data, who you gonna call? Contact us when the chips are down!

Forensics whether it is email or mobile or laptop related... perhaps it is via a disgruntled employee or perhaps it is a business competitor; perhaps you have already lost data and the hounds are baying at your door. With VISTA InfoSec, you have the perfect partner to stand at your side, investigate the happenings and provide you the insight to take an objective decision.

Our team of professionals will find what's hiding on the computers and electronic media relevant to your case, preserve, present and testify as expert witness in court to judge and jury, via declaration or affidavit - in the most useful form for you. Whether recovering deleted email, deleted documents, deleted Internet history files, or any other discoverable documents or data.

Our Forensics and Investigation/Incident Response team provide you with an incident-manager without a dedicated IR team.

Our service offerings to help you tackle cyber crime:

From Response -> recovery -> investigation -> conviction, what makes us your IR team of choice:

  • Assessment of the situation at hand with practical response and resumption strategies.
  • Recovered data with incriminating evidence if any.
  • Recreation of the entire incident for future analysis and learning.
  • Appear as your expert witness in the stands.
  • Strategies to prevent further recurrence of incident.