26th – 28th Sept, 2017

Mr. Rohan Patil spoke on “Taking down Drones (Cyber attacks on Aerial Drones)”. Aerial drones, or unmanned robots, are all around us in the form of delivery devices, aerial photography/videography machines, monitoring robots, and crowd control drones. Medical aerial drones that bring much-needed supplies to victims in disaster areas? Storm-chasing aerial machines that help meteorologists understand environmental forces better? Flying machines that monitor and inspect bridges and other structures while offering support to builders on construction sites? What about a flying robotic waiter that delivers food straight to your table? How fun would it be to take over drones, or take over any other drones and make them zombie drones. Really awesome. Lets take a look at the security problems that these toys have, how easy it is to takeover drones and how to secure them.