CPX 360 is a premier cyber security summit. For the first time, we will bring our customers and partners together in a mega conference and expo. CPX 360 is where you’ll receive up-to-the-minute intelligence about global-threats and other vital topics from the world’s leading cyber-security experts. Rohan Sir were invited as one of the main speakers in this event and spoke on “Adaptive Security Framework for Internet of Drones” In this presentation, audience saw the cyber security challenges faced by one of the “disruptive technologies – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s aka Drones” that are being used by the Drone-powered industry. As the industry explores to generate business opportunities by using Drone-powered solutions in Geo Mapping, Surveillance, Inspections, Un-manned Explorations, Aerial Photography, Crop monitoring, Disaster management etc. Business models such as Drone Operation Center (DOC), Drone Surveillance Unit (DSU), Autonomous Drones Systems (ADS) etc. needs to have better cyber security controls, strategies and practices to tackle the new-generation of risks towards better & secured future for the drone powered business which is valued at over 127bn.