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Our security awareness programs are effective and bind the whole Information Security Management System together, complementing and supporting technical, physical and procedural controls.

One of the key components of VISTA InfoSec services has been the high quality information security training programmes, which is carried out through its Education Services. VISTA InfoSec has, over the years, designed and delivered a very large number of public certification seminars and in-house training programs covering a large number of individuals and companies across various verticals. In this, VISTA InfoSec has partnerships with the leading Information Security organizations in the world.

The need for quality training focused on Information Security has driven us to produce special programmes, which accommodate a wide variety of interests. Academia Compliance under the banner of VISTA InfoSec Education Services is focused on providing training on various e-Security subjects set at different levels with an objective to facilitate International Courses and also certification programs locally. We also conduct regular awareness training programs, which address various user groups of Information Systems in an Organization including IT staff, users, internal auditors and top management.

In our continued effort to provide internationally recognized Information Security Training and Certification programmes locally, Certified PCI Compliance Specialist (CPCS), Business Continuity and Resiliency Management, Foundation Certification in Information Security Management, Intermediate Certification in Information Security Management, and Master Training Program in Information Security Management courses are being offered by Academia Compliance under VISTA InfoSec banner.

VISTA InfoSec training Clientele comprises of over 4000 professionals spanning across 400 organizations.

Course - Certified PCI Compliance Specialist (CPCS)

A report from the Institute of Internal Auditors says compliance with credit-card security standards is still sputtering, despite a coordinated push to bring retailers and merchant banks into compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
The recent survey of internal auditors, “Moving Toward PCI Compliance,” indicates that only 56 percent of companies are in compliance with PCI DSS, even though the standard was first unveiled in 2004. Nearly 90 percent did say they are trying to implement a PCI compliance process.

This course give you an in-depth implementation perspective, areas that QSAs look for during the PCI DSS certification audit; will be a great precursor in case you are looking forward to becoming a QSA or PCI ISA or PCIP yourself.

This 3 day Payment Security Training is primarily aimed at enabling you to understand and implement PCI Standards successfully in your organization. You will gain a clear conception of the various requirements of the PCI DSS, and discover the intent behind each of its requirements. This PCI DSS Training will be the first to feature PCI DSS v3.2 updates and will prepare delegates from merchants, banks, service providers and card schemes for upcoming remediation and certification projects.

This PCI DSS training course is designed to offer companies and individuals the depth of knowledge necessary to understand PCI requirements and make informed decisions for compliance. The participants will leave with a strong understanding of the intent behind each requirement and how to apply them to their business environment which includes compensating controls and confusing issues such as cloud platform, outsourced service providers, IDC and mobile platforms.

If your organization is already PCI compliant, this workshop will help you learn how to maintain your PCI compliant status effectively and minimize the possibility of card breach, most importantly: what to do in case you are breached!

The 3 day Payment Security Training ends with an examination leading to the certification as Certified PCI Compliance Specialist (CPCS).