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why should I do soc2

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Interesting question and rightly so… it’s expensive and painful to achieve with more than 400 control requirements which encompass the length and breadth of your company’s operations.

Achieving a SOC 2 certification for your organization gives your company an edge over your competitors by assuring your clients, customers or prospects that your organization is taking all the necessary steps to ensure the data is safe and thereby protecting if from data breaches. Most importantly, it gives the assurance to your clients that you are delivering services as per commitments made either through SLAs or branding or through your marketing efforts. A SOC 2 report details the controls of the systems that your company uses to process data and also describes the security and privacy of that data. SOC 2 compliance can help businesses such as software-as-a-service, banking, or healthcare companies strengthen their reputations, financial statements, and stability by documenting, evaluating, and improving their internal controls.

                                                                                                                                        Here are 5 different ways that SOC 2  consistency gives your organization an edge

1.Brand Protection                                                                                                                                         

Accomplishing this affirmation helps your association by actualizing vital controls to stay away from information breaks and henceforth guaranteeing your brands notoriety worked over these years is unblemished. In an ongoing report, 55 percent of the respondents to the Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report said they needed to oversee the open examination of a rupture in the previous year. The greater part of all assaults brought about harms surpassing $500,000, including lost income, clients, openings, and out-of-pocket costs, Cisco detailed. Activities, fund, protected innovation, and brand notoriety were most regularly influenced.

2.Purchaser Appeal                                                                                                                                                      Associations that are worried about security are bound to turn into your customers or clients in the event that you grandstand your association consistency to SOC 2 report. The report shows you as an association is applying best practices for executing and covering control frameworks. MNCs are especially worried about security, particularly the Trust Services Criteria that the AICPA has built up for assessing and providing details regarding powers over data and frameworks.

3.Upper hand                                                                                                                                                                            The 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study charged by the Ponemon Institute assessed the normal complete expense of a hierarchical information break was $3.62 million. With such a great amount in question, numerous organizations are demanding that their sellers in danger of information breaks demonstrate that they are ensured by finishing a SOC 2 review. The SOC 2 report dependably acts differentiator when you are seeking after a customer.

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4.Showcasing Differentiator                                                                                                                                     

Any association may profess to be secure, anyway one can’t demonstrate it without a review report. Getting a SOC 2 report can separate your association from rivals in the commercial center that have not made as critical speculation of time and capital.

5.Better Services                                                                                                                                                         

SOC2 additionally shows an association to be secure and proficient. The whole association’s procedures are streamlined and the controls depend on the comprehension of the dangers that your clients or customers may confront.


A portion of the Industry explicit advantages are as per the following;

Programming as a Service (SaaS)

Effectiveness looking for organizations are going to Software as a Service (SaaS) suppliers to decrease costs. SaaS suppliers can pick up an edge by demonstrating planned clients that they can be trusted in light of their adherence to broadly acknowledged structures for inside controls.

 Overseen Services

Overseen administrations suppliers can separate themselves by showing their duty to a keeping up the solid inward controls that clients need when entrusting them with the administration of their data frameworks, including applications, databases, data security, reinforcement, and recuperation, organize the board, and framework observing.


Associations like banks, charge card organizations, insurance agencies, purchaser account organizations, and stock businesses face various difficulties in inner controls. For instance, physical and sensible security assume a noteworthy job in guaranteeing client information is secure. They additionally should keep up secrecy and protection, just as the fulfillment, practicality, and precision of exchanges. Hence, showing a powerful SOC 2 consistency program can be profitable.

Server farms and Colocation Facilities.

A solitary server farm can serve numerous clients, lodging tremendous measures of touchy information, which would make a rupture exponentially harming. Subsequently, organizations investigate the inside controls of a server farm or colocation office before confiding in them with their information. SOC 2 consistency can furnish those organizations with the confirmation they want. Furthermore, different associations on the off chance that an IDC is SOC2 guaranteed, at that point those organizations who are facilitated in the IDC are better arranged to get SOC2 agreeable themselves… . This in itself can convert into more business for an IDC since an organization which wishes to be SOC2 consistent or areas of now SOC2 agreeable will ALWAYS need to have their administrations and servers in an IDC which is SOC2 agreeable itself.

The potential loss of business from a break far exceeds the expense of consistency. Our SOC2 Specialists with long stretches of understanding and various effective task added to their repertoire are very much ready to give review benefits as well as even start to finish consistence preparation. We should begin arranging your SOC 2 review today.

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Narendra Sahoo

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