Internet Security 101 - Free Security Suites and their reliability

Published on : 14 Mar 2022

Internet Security 101 - Free Security Suites and their reliability

With our mundane lives becoming more and more integrated with technology daily, it is important to impart awareness of the subject matter, as well. Technology and mainly the internet has changed the landscape of even our imagination, to say the least, and while it is still embarked on curving the bits and nooks of the world, some tweaks need to be paid attention to, also. 

Cybercriminals and hackers are not just individuals in today’s climate but full fledge companies that are trying to get into your system to exploit you in whatever capacity they can and that is scary. But, what if I tell you we have a potion to scare these ghosts away? Cybersecurity scientists have come up with security suites that can protect your system integrity ensuring that you are secure at all times.

The one thing that needs to be taken out on the table before going forward is the huge part played by your internet service provider in your online privacy and security. You need to understand that signing up with a mediocre ISP might look innocent at the time but can get you in deep waters if your internet usage information falls in the wrong hands. 

As such, you should always go with a reliable and consistent internet provider and if you are looking to get through to one, we recommend you to check out RCN internet plans that offer supreme internet security along with seamless connectivity and unlimited data allowance. 

In this article, we would discuss internet privacy and security, aspects of internet security suites, and some free internet security options.

What do we know about Internet Security?

Internet security is a type of computer security involving several security measures taken to ensure network safety, browser protection, application security, and operating system security. Most of the cybercrimes are initiated by the internet and thus, internet security offers rules and regulations against such threats.

What is a Security Suite?

When different security software are bundled together, a distinct suite of software is created which is referred to as a Security Suite. Antivirus programs are the basis of any security suite and in addition to it, these security suites offer a range of security products like:

  • Anti-phishing blocks Trojan sites that are trying to invade your privacy
  • Anti-spyware protects your important data and information from leaking on the web
  • Anti-ransomware protects cybercriminals from ceasing your device against monetary gains
  • Dark web monitoring enables you to monitor your identity info on the dark web
  • Firewall blocks unsolicited and suspicious network traffic
  • Online Backup offers the opportunity to save, backup, and recover your computer files 
  • Password Manager helps you save and create unique passwords for your accounts and devices
  • Parental control restricts your child to access any inappropriate content
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to anonymously surf websites 
  • Webcam Protection protects your webcam from being accessed by a third party

Can I use a free Internet Security Suite?

In all honesty, you might not be able to find a good internet security suite for free because a security suite ranges some great security programs that would be hard to find for free as a bundle but you might just be able to get fortunate enough to find some good security programs or software separately.

Basic Protection

Free internet security programs can offer great services when it comes to core protection and we would cover some free-of-cost, great antivirus applications in this article.

An application from a reputable manufacturer will be able to keep you safe from any cyber-attacks and might even feel enough. Believe it or not, Windows Defender, in-built in Windows 10, is true to its name and can defend your PC from most threats.

Bells and Whistles

Having all that said, it is imminent to mention that the basic level of protection might be enough for some but certainly cannot be applicable for all. The premium security products have been designed to offer keen security from all aspects. For instance, free security software like an antivirus might just be doing the best for your system but its upgraded premium version might have an added feature of antispyware or parental control per se. 

Moreover, free applications commonly come along with some pop-up advertisements ruining the consistency of your work.

Technical Support

Another important aspect of free security product is that the technical support granted to you would be minimal. However, upgraded premium products will get you a 24/7 customer care unit at your disposal.

The Best Free Internet Security Software Programs for Windows


1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

This free edition of Bitdefender Antivirus ranks high when it comes to antivirus software with utmost consistency. It brings you the basic essence of the paid premium Bitdefender suite which roughly means that you get top-notch protection against malware, phishing, ransomware, viruses, and other scams. It also takes instant action to secure your whole system. It is an award-winning anti-malware and anti-virus protection software and works really well with resource-intensive programs like media editors or games.

2. Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is the free internet security suite from the giant online security company, Kaspersky. It brings the best core protection experience from its paid counterpart but certainly without all the bells and whistles. In addition to an anti-virus and anti-malware system, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free now flaunts an integrated VPN feature as well as a secure password function.  It is designed to remove any virus or malware automatically and runs well in the background. It also scans your emails and other messaging apps for further protection.

3. Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Free Antivirus is hands down one of the best internet security suites currently available for free. This antivirus provides regular cleanups and offers real-time and manual protection against all odds. It can detect and block unnecessary and unwanted applications. You can take benefit from its adblocker and website detection feature by installing its browser extension. With rainbow comes rain as well and thus it has a downside too – way too many popups asking you to upgrade to its premium version.

The Last Words

You can, of course, purchase security software in the form of a package or an individual program. However, we recommend that you only do so after doing some research to ensure that you get the best product for your needs. Internet security is a serious matter and your personal information should not be put at risk by using something other than what has been proven to work. 

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Narendra Sahoo

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