How To Build A Robust Cybersecurity Team In 2022?

Published on : 20 Jan 2022

Build Robust Cybersecurity Team 2022

2022 might be another year where new cyberattacks will arise, maybe even more than the total amount that occurred in 2021. Over 50% of professionals think that their companies are not prepared to deal with cyber attacks. Moreover, the answer to having your business prepared for the worst cyber crimes you can ever imagine is to build a great team along the way. In this article, we will show you exactly how you can do that! 

Educate your team

robust cybersecurity team

Any cybersecurity strategy you come up with will require a talented team full of certified cybersecurity specialists. With the rise of continuous cyber attacks, your team must be able to adapt to any situation. Moreover, your business should consider offering advanced cybersecurity training and the resources needed to carry it out. Additionally, more than 50% of developers in this era have less than five years of experience, so training should be considered a priority for you.


You would be surprised that the cybersecurity world has become so complex that it has evolved into new sub-categories. These sub-categories have made businesses create new teams specializing in a particular subcategory to stop continuous cyber-attacks. 

Here are the eight sub-categories that you have to seek to build a team in to counter cyber attacks:

  • Penetration testing 
  • Software development 
  • Architecture and policy 
  • Identity and Access Management 
  • Data loss prevention
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Secure DevOps
  • Incident response and forensic analysis

Hire using a recruitment policy

Training your team is a good option; however, you sometimes need to hire a cybersecurity expert who is already well-trained. To be successful in doing so, every business must have a recruitment policy. There are too many degrees of customization in a business and even steps in the recruitment process. Policies are developed to ensure all candidates that will be applying are evaluated equally. 

Assess their programming skills using a Python coding assessment

python coding assessment

To hire a great cyber security expert, they will most likely be required to know Python. Especially when they are a cyber security expert or even have mid-range experience with Cyber Security. In order to assess their skills, you can try using a coding assessment for Python developers. Moreover, this will test their elementary programming skills and quick coding tasks to ensure you hire the right people. After all, Python is a popular language due to its expanded usage.  

Focus on primary Cyber Security skills

Focus on Cybersecurity skills

When gathering up a team of cyber security experts, it is essential to ensure they have the core cyber skills needed to address issues continuously. We are not talking about students who just graduated and got a technical degree from a course, but we mean to put their logic and skills to the test. Learning cyber security from a course and using it in real-world cases differ a lot. Here is the technical knowledge your candidates should possess when you evaluate them: 

  • The ability to analyze and detect security risks that arise
  • Great understanding of network architecture
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills 
  • Secure software development skills 
  • Up-to-date with the latest news in the cyber security industry 

Cyber security is a field that requires you to be ahead of the game at all times and never take a break from it. It is not an industry to joke around, so candidates who are not updated about the latest happenings in the industry should not even be considered. 

The lack of Cyber Security expert

According to a study by Forbes, only 5% of professionals around the globe stated that their Cyber Security level is at a considerable level, meaning that 95% of the rest think they are not prepared enough in case an online attack occurs. Although this low percentage may not sound very positive, it is for you since you can apply all the methods above and hire the right cyber team that is part of this small percentage of experts. 

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Wrapping it up

Well, that’s about it for this article. Hopefully, this article has presented you with new ways to set up your dream Cyber Security team. Even though the number of experts the cyber security industry has is low, you still have many opportunities to find the right people. 

This article seeks to provide you with helpful information on improving your search for cyber security experts. We recommend you carefully read through each section of the article and invest time searching for cyber security experts who possess the core skills in the cyber industry; more importantly, those who use a logical and problem-solving approach.  Use the resources you have, from technical, human, and financial, to improve your hiring approach. Otherwise, when you find the right people, you know that you are ready to take on any online attacks that occur.  Use the resources you have, from technical, human, and financial, to improve your hiring approach. Otherwise, when you find the right people, you know that you are ready to take on any online attacks that occur. 

Narendra Sahoo
Narendra Sahoo

Narendra Sahoo (PCI QPA, PCI QSA, PCI SSF ASSESSOR, CISSP, CISA, CRISC, 27001 LA) is the Founder and Director of VISTA InfoSec, a global Information Security Consulting firm, based in the US, Singapore & India. Mr. Sahoo holds more than 25 years of experience in the IT Industry, with expertise in Information Risk Consulting, Assessment, & Compliance services. VISTA InfoSec specializes in Information Security audit, consulting and certification services which include GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, NESA, MAS-TRM, PCI DSS Compliance & Audit, PCI PIN, SOC2 Compliance & Audit, PDPA, PDPB to name a few. The company has for years (since 2004) worked with organizations across the globe to address the Regulatory and Information Security challenges in their industry. VISTA InfoSec has been instrumental in helping top multinational companies achieve compliance and secure their IT infrastructure.