Carbanak APT:: $1 billion Bank Robbery

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Researchers from the security firm (Kaspersky), working together with the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), Europol and law enforcement agencies including the NHTCU have uncovered a two-year criminal operation which relieved banks of $1 billion worldwide.

Since 2013, the cybergang have attempted to attack banks, e-payment systems and financial institutions using the Carbanak malware. The criminal operation has struck banks in approximately 30 countries. It is estimated that by hacking into banks, the cybercriminals were able to make off with approximately $1 billion over 24 months. The largest amounts were stolen by breaking into banks directly and stealing up to $10 million in each raid, according to the security experts. On average, each robbery took between two and four months to complete from infection to theft.

How Carbanak works?

Currently the campaign is still active.

General recommendations:

– Do not open suspicious emails, especially if they have an attachment;
– Update your software (kindly note in this campaign no 0days were used);
– Turn on heuristics in your security suites, this way it is more likely that such new samples will be detected and stopped from the beginning.

Detection ways

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