Why should you care about Mobile Security

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Work benefits of the Mobile Devices

  • Boost productivity by providing access to Applications, Email and Internet
  • Allows us to work at home
  • Allows us to store large amount of data

We allows forget, but mobile devices are inherently insecure

  • Mobile Devices can be lost or stolen
  • Information can be stolen over the air (wireless networks)
  • Mobile Malwares
  • Users are unaware and uneducated about the Risks and how to secure devices

Do not trust the security controls the APP Marketplaces have in place to vet the safety

  • Applications may contain hidden spywares
  • Applications may have Malware
  • Applications may have Phishing Screens
  • Applications may have background processes


– Use password protected access controls (Have password to your lovely smartphone)
– Control Wireless Network and Secure Connectivity (Keep WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G disabled if not in use)
– Control Application Access and Permissions (Allow only trusted and safe applications)
– Keep your OS and Firmware current
– Backup your Data
– Wipe Devices Data automatically if lost or stolen
– Never store personal financial data on your device
– Beware of free Apps
– Try mobile antivirus software and scanning tools (Antivirus and Health-Check-up tools)
– Use Mobile Device Management Software (For corporate users)

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