Outsource your Compliance. Infrastructure Advisory. Regulatory Compliance. Vendor Audits. VA/PT. Business Continuity Management.

Presenting a revolutionary service line... Your Compliance KRA becomes our KRA. Our Company becomes your Compliance Department!
A solution that adapts itself to the changing business needs of your organization.

In today’s competitive world where Information is king, maintaining an effective set of processes to comply with the Information Security needs of YOUR organization is no longer a luxury… or an option.

  • Hiring experts for each role such as Risk Management, SOP development, VA/PT, Technical Advisory, etc.
  • Maintaining the headcount – Attrition.
  • Effectiveness limited as per the background and experience of personnel.
  • Ensuring personnel are occupied and delivering as per expectations.
  • Questionable integrity of audit reports due to maker and checker being the same entity.
  • Checklist Consultants who have no domain expertise.
  • Ever extending project timeframes.
  • Changes to scope resulting in additional costs.
  • No technical knowhow resulting in processes which look good on paper only.

Enter Adaptive Security Management Programme with VISTA InfoSec